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 Projects    Director of Photography

"Essence Global Marketing"    Director: Jordan Olshansky 

Interviews shot in various locations around the world, but matched on backdrops for consistency. 

"Grace"  Director: Rachel Pilkney

Short documentary - distributed by SELF      I didn't shoot the beginning of this piece - jump to 4:45 

"Ozinga - Bank of America"    Director: Steve James 

All interviews and footage shot on location with 'real people'. 

"We the Economy - Minimum Wage" Executive Producer: Paul G. Allen / Morgan Spurlock    Director: Steve James 

Some interviews shot on location, with other interviews shot on a stage. Other footage shot out in the real world. I did  not  shoot the news footage that is integrated.  

"Stevie"   Feature Film     Director: Steve James 


"Life Itself"   Feature Film     Director: Steve James 

"The Toyota Effect"   Director: Steve James 

All interviews and footage shot on location, with 'real people'.  

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